sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2009

Hello Again!

Dear Fans n Friends and Odds n Ends,

Today I see that my site has taken over 400 hits, which is truly amazing. Thanx for visiting. I also read the comment about Michaela and Samantha. Are they going to have ‘love in the afternoon’? Wait and sea! I know your all longing for the jiggly jerkjerking, but I can't just plunge and plummet into it in the first chapter. Give us a chance!

As for The Far Star, its coming today, the first part. A time loop is a tricky thing to write about.

Last night we had a wonderful dinner. An entrée of fish in meuniere sauce followed by steak poivre and mashed potatoes and butter beans. The sommelier recommended a Zinfandel, that went down very well indeed. Then we had sorbet followed by a nice drink of brandy and some Epoisse and crackers. Very nice. (Btw, a somellier is a wine waiter, for those of you who don’t know. He’s the guy that tells you the best wine to drink with your meal and gives advice cos if you’ve got a guest whose really uncultured, then you can just give him some Spanish plonk or disgusting cheap wine from the former Soviet Union and save a few bucks).

Now your probly wondering why we went to a restaurant instead of the bistro because we had such a fancy meal, with all these French names. Well, the answer is that my mother-in-law is in town and we have to give her the works. She likes a good meal and we go to grate lengts to make sure she gets it. as my wonderful husband Norbert is a wealthy American industrialist, we have to show her a good time so she can see that good sort of life what her sun is having. She can be proud of him for that,especially in this recession caused by the Obama administration by uninspiring confidence in the system before he became the White House. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) is out shopping her book so that she can raze money to run in 2012 and get this country back on track. There is no way Obama will get reelected and she’s got to be ready to step in and make sure it all works.

Well, don’t get me started on politics cos I do tend to go on once I get wound up. Anyway, I’m so happy the site has taken over 400 hits, that’s 407 last count, btw. Not bad for a newbay. And that’s just the people who view my profil, not counting the ones that don’t view it butt read the posts anyway. Thankyou all once again for visiting my sight and keeping it going. Your confidence inspires me. But I have to say a special thankx to my wonderful husband Norbert. If it wasn’t for him I’d be in a small little hovel somewhere fearing an ejection order any day because I couldn’t pay the rent because I didn’t know how to shop my book a round. But thanks to his guidence, I’m doing alright.

Back to food, I think tonight we’ll have a couple of bowels of soup and bread because all that fancy French stuff last night can take its tole. So you want to get lighter on the next day. Norbert and I will have a romantic evening together. I feel sorry for those women with no husband because I ‘d get so lonely. So many starving lonely writers. I cold be one of them if it was’nt for my wonderful husband Norbert. Thanks again Norb!

I needn’t say it but I will. In my new novel The far Star going on line today, there is no opaque argot and no comma sprinkling. THAT is my promise! I cannot abide by argonauts.

Well, time to go. Bye for now, or as they say in England, ‘to the loo!’

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  1. O local seguro tomou muitos golpes de bong. Foi ao bistro hoje e teve o filé Gorgonzola com jus de panela de trufa e azeitona. Polido que fora com alguns chocolates Christopher Elbow. Uma sensação como comer que seu dinheiro ondeou sobre me. Sensacional!

    -Assinado docimente, Natch

  2. Dear Michele, you have to please contact me to help me with the people who ternished my work.
    Prof. Dr. BBS

  3. SCAMMER!!!
    fuck u

  4. Good grief, it's "toodle-oo" - not "to the loo"