quarta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2009

And We're Off!

Well, jumping jehoshaphat and Palin for President! It’s great to be back with my newly revamped blog. In the coming months, y’all’ll be able to follow my path to publishing. I have two books in the works and a wonderful husband to boot. You will be able to read and comment totally free of charge my two stories. The first and dearest is called The Northern Sky and it’s about Michaela in the Shetland islands and how she gets her goat up when her dad wants to marry her off to a local old soak and ninconpoop. But she falls for a new beaux called Armando whose a Norwegian pilot and keeps alive the vital trade links between Scotland and Shetland and Norway on which people depend for food and other precious goods and services. Her dad, or should I say farther, is a traditionalist who just wants to marry off his daughter to keep the family in the wealth to which it has become accustomed. But after a surrpise visit from an ex-patriot who left Shetland and went aboard to try a new life in South America and who tells her all about her amazing life in Rio de Janeiro, Michaela decides that she too will change and not accept being the downtrodden daughter who will marry an old soak with flabby biceps just like that! and that’s where it kicks off in Chapter One.

The second story is called The Far Star and is about a man called Dangmar who gets caught in a time loop while going back in an intrepid attempt to find out what the big bang looked like at the dawn of time and maybe even what came before it. But his plans are foiled by getting caught up in a time loop from which he cannot excape. But he does in the end of course or it wouldn’t be worth writing about. And if he didn’t excape how would he get back to tell us the story about it. This is of secondary importance to me but my original time travel method is cool and creative.

If you are of a nervous disposition, you might not enjoy the sex scenes. They are scizzling and tantalizing and tittilating! But never in bad taste. But when I write one or post it on the blog here I’ll flag it and let you know what it’s all about, okay? I wouldn’t want you to be shocked into a corinary or anything like that because you were not expecting any thing so exciting and it could blow your mind. I recognize that not everyhone likes sex although most people do. So don’t get offended because it comes across and a breezy style with jiggling and juggling and craning and conniving bodies soaked in sweat and dripping with perspiration.

I’m really excited to be here online writing a blog about my books. I’ll post different pics for each story. Like this. When it’s a Northern Sky chapter I’ll put a little map of the Shetland aisles next to it and when it’s The Far Star, then I’ll put a picture of a star and then if your not interested in one you don’t have to read it and can read only the other. I prefer the NS but, hey, that’s just me.

As I’ve told some fans before, I don’t indulge in unusual grammar or opaque argot. That’s not in my line. No fancy stuff. I like the simple things in life. I like putting in hearty meals. My husband Norbert and I (whose a wealthy industrialist)_ eat at a quaint, quiet but quality bistro every night or almost every night or at least every other night. Last night we had boeuf bourgignon and it was delicious but I made it it wasn’t from the bistro. And a Merdoc to wash it all down. Delicious. And so you’ll feel good when Michaela has been out in the frost all day farming sheep and things like that and she gets home at night and makes a big bowel of hot porridge and sprinkles it with sugar, although macho scotch people like salt, or at least claim they do as I found out in my research for the story.

Now, I won’t let things get too political. But I’ll point out from the git-go that I am a member of Team Sarah that supports Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) for President in 2012. I like her because she’s a woman. She can get things done. She can run a state (the biggest in the Union by the by) and also a husband and five kids and now a grankchild. I think that is amazin’. She has it all down pat. She delegates and she makes rules too. I think her perspective is right for conservative republicans in the twenty-first century. A new kind of leader. That’s the name of the book that was published about her by Joe Hilley who is actually a democrat from a different church but has come to admire her as she breaks down all partisan lines like a state trooper in a fog. If you want to join team Sarah go to http://www.teamsarah.org/ and sign up today! Make a difference. In four year’s time, when it all comes crashing down, she will be the one to get us out of the whole. But that is all about politics for now. On with the story! The jostling, jiggling and jerkjerking is about to jumpstart!

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  1. Wow! Are you trying to single-handedly bring down Palin?

  2. Palin for President. Couldn't agree more!

  3. This blog promises to be highly entertaining. I'm definitely going to check back regularly!

  4. Merdoc? That must taste like, well, shit!

  5. A big "bowel" of your concoction? Wow.

    I think this is a parody. Right??!